In 1990, Ho‘okena released “Thirst Quencher,” its debut recording that, the following year, garnered three Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards for Group of the Year, Most Promising Artists and Traditional Hawaiian Album of the Year. Already four years established, the group's original four members: Manu, Chris, Ama and Horace had evolved to include Bozo Hanohano (until 1993) and Glen Smith. Kamaka eventually returned to the group in 1998.

This debut album made its mark in the Hawaiian music industry, featuring music like no other existing group by virtue of its make-up, the experiences of its members and the song selections. The album begins with a traditional oli (chant) by Manu Boyd, which the group, and many other groups, have perpetuated ever since. Songs, old and new, were selected for their poetic and musical beauty, and for the arrangement potential. The recording solidified Ho‘okena’s permanent place in the evolving realm of Hawaiian Music. Ho‘okena, taking its name from a song about the South Kona, Hawai‘i district, means “to satisfy thirst,” thus, “Thirst Quencher!”

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Track list:

  1. Ho‘okena
  2. Kaimukī Hula
  3. Kimo Henderson Hula
  4. Hale‘iwa Pāka
  5. Ke ‘Ala Ka‘u I Honi
  6. Moku O Keawe
  7. Kūhiō Bay
  8. Iā ‘Oe E Ka‘ehukai
  9. Pua O Ka Mākāhala
  10. Iā ‘Oe E Ka Lā
  11. Napo‘ona Mahina
  12. ‘Ōiwi Medley: Alu Like/E Mau/Ho‘ōla Lāhui Hawai‘i
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